Bozena Trzcinski

Bozena Trzcinski was born in Warsaw Poland. Her upbringing in a socialist country by first post-war generation parents (both affected by trauma caused from war) has given her numerous opportunities to develop strong surviving skills. From dealing with family abuse to resourcefulness required to thrive in a communist system, Bozena proved to be a true survivor.

Educated as an economist she participated in running various successful family businesses until she immigrated to Canada with her husband and 5 year old son to start a new life. As a young immigrant, she started a new career as a full time Optician, mother of two children and business partner with her husband.

Bozena’s most challenging life experience came when she realized her homosexual son, who was battling with anxiety and depression had become addicted to crystal meth. It took 15 years of struggle intertwined with self education in the areas of mental illness, addiction, personal growth, spirituality, energy healing, shamanism and understanding the nature of reality,  leading to her son’s recovery.

Bozena’s biggest achievement is winning her son’s right to have a happy, fulfilling life. She is continuously on a path of personal growth as she learns from numerous spiritual teachers, gains wisdom from participating in group discussions, travels the world and shares her life lessons graciously with others.