Our mission at Low Entropy is to make personal growth accessible for everyone.

We understand that mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and reflection builds a foundation for better decisions — affecting change in ourselves and the world around us.

That’s why all of our programs are offered free of cost. We want to create an equitable community where people can seek and find the support they need. Through empowerment and empathy, we aim to contribute to a more compassionate world.

Give to G.R.O.W.

This week we’re excited to launch Give to G.R.O.W. — a virtual mental health awareness campaign inspired by 4 themes — Helping others, Self-Care, Community, and Vulnerability. All donations raised during the length of this campaign will be used to fund our free programs, like:

Conscious Connections sessions, where adults get access to peer-sharing circles where they can practice mindfulness techniques with other like-minded individuals. 

Youth Empowering Youth gives young people access to youth mentors who teach leadership skills, confidence, and how to healthily process emotions.

The C.A.R.E Project supports families with emotional guidance and food hampers, making sure they have access to all levels of security.

To spread awareness about our efforts, we’ll also be offering teaching opportunities to educate our followers about mental health so we can Learn to G.R.O.W. together! We’ll be kicking off each week with virtual Connect Circles sessions, led by guest speakers every week. Register for any of our virtual sessions below:


Week 1: Helping Others

Featuring Tom Campbell

(Tuesday, July 6th, 12 pm PST)


Tom Campbell has spent over 40 years researching how consciousness works in our world while publishing his theory of reality in his book, My Big Toe. Unifying science, physics, philosophy, and metaphysics, Campbell’s work sheds traditional dogmas, beliefs, and religious structures in favour of a common spiritual system that finds logic in the unusual and derives normality from the paranormal.

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Week 2: Self Care

Featuring Krishna Lakkineni

(Friday, July 16th, 10 am PST)

Krishna Lakkineni is a celebrated entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and Amazon Best Selling Author best known for his ground-breaking impact on the digital marketing space. After moving to Canada from India carrying nothing but two months of income, Lakkineni would go on to found ROI Media Works, while stepping into the executive producer role to release Dreamer, a documentary showcasing the lives of entrepreneurs who overcame similar life challenges.

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Week 3: Community

Featuring Trish Mandewo

(Friday, July 23rd, 6 pm PST)


Accomplished city councilor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Trish Mandewo, has been driving diversity initiatives to make sure businesses properly represent the communities that they cater to. An award-winning non-profit and business founder herself, Mandewo continues to anticipate new strategies to champion diverse perspectives in both Canadian and American boardrooms. 

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Featuring Winston Yeung

(Friday, July 23rd, 1 pm PST)


Community builder, mentor, and story architect, Winston Yeung has been giving a voice to isolated workers — providing them with a speaking platform to educate, coach, and connect their individual perspectives to a wider story. A true creator at heart, the VoiceStory Foundation leader has gone on to express his life’s purpose in inspiring workshops, just like these.

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 Week 4: Vulnerability

Featuring Christian Sundberg

(Tuesday, July 27th, 12 pm PST)


Christian Sundberg has been publicly speaking about his unique knowledge of meditation and out-of-body experiences since he first started his journey of personal transformation. A seasoned project manager for nuclear pump and valve manufacturing projects, Sundberg is also the author of A Walk in the Physical, a book describing his childhood memories and how our own existence fits into the larger spiritual context of our human experience. 

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What’s Next for Give to G.R.O.W.

After Connect Circles, we’ll be continuing our campaign with personal shared accounts and sharable materials to spread more awareness about mental health and personal growth.
Look forward to us releasing:


Ness Gale, YEY Program Manager

Journeys of vulnerability are shared in personal stories to break common mental health stigmas.







Amanda Engen, Board Secretary


Resources created to spread mental health awareness with actionable tools and practices.







We’ll be providing more information about Journeys and Resources in the oncoming weeks — stay tuned!

If you’d like to donate to our campaign, click the button below:


With your support, we can reach our campaign goal of $50,000. 

Your Donation Will Help:

1000 Youth Leaders
We elect program alumni into leadership roles across Low Entropy! We firmly believe in passing knowledge forward. 

800 Mental Health Journeys
Your support acts as a first point-of-progress for adults participating in our Conscious Connections program.

150 Families
Help provide weekly food hampers and emotional support for some of our most vulnerable community members, families.

All Contributions Matter

Although funding is essential to run our programs, we encourage donations of all kinds, including time.
Click “Join The Community” below to explore other ways you can Give to G.R.O.W.