Humanity Organizing Meaningful Events.

Our goal is to connect people by planning, preparing, and serving home-cooked meals, learning about each other, and enjoying meaningful conversations together.

When we get curious, we seek to understand and learn from other lifestyles, this promotes a sense of empathy – which is vital to every community. The more empathetic we are, the less likely we are to criticize therefore more learning and connecting takes place. 

Here is how a typical event runs:

A host purchases fresh ingredients and prepares an educational piece to share.

There are six guests, a host and a facilitator, a total of eight people.

The guests will arrive by 6 pm, and together the host and guests will prepare a hand-picked, nutritious meal – during this preparation the host will share their tips and tricks about their chosen meal. Once dinner is served guests will be seated together around the table and the facilitator will begin their conversation for the evening.

Topics of conversation change each time, along with the overall theme of the night, rest assured the topics of the night will always be meaningful and make you think!

Guests and the host will finish the evening feeling empowered! Not only have you increased your cooking ability, as well as knowledge – which is a lifelong skill – but you have also engaged yourself in sparking meaningful conversations, and made some new friends.

Join us for a night of cooking, connection & community.