Nadine Saad

Passionate about the human spirit, Nadine has been on a journey of self-discovery to find inner peace and clarity. As an avid reader, she turned to books to understand the deeper meaning of the world around her. She was inspired by the work of many authors of our time and began to change her perspective on life.

She recently retired after a contribution of twenty five years in the public education system. She worked first as a teacher, then a principal and finally as a district director of Special Education. She is grateful for a career which gave her the opportunity to learn and evolve while at the same time shaping the learning experience of her students. She had the privilege to work with youth and to make a real difference in their lives. She pursues her life long advocacy for an inclusive learning and working environment to provide equal opportunities to all.

She now practices yoga on a regular basis and is a student of a meditation program. She likes to surround herself with loving and authentic people who live in truth and awareness. She loves to share her vision of a peaceful compassionate world.