Conscious Connections

With bi-weekly meetings, we hold space for one another to show up and be real. We explore different topics from self-love, healthy boundaries, F.E.A.R. to being other conscious rather than self conscious.

Youth Empowering Youth

This 8-week program helps our youth learn valuable personal development skills that allow them to improve their self-worth, increase their confidence and implement a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Raw Truth

Sharing Circle for men to connect from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.

One on One Compassionate Connections

Group sessions aren’t for everyone, if you’re more of a solo rider, this may be your “cup of tea.” Our heart-centered partners provide one on one phone, skype or in person sessions to help you work through any areas where you may feel stuck.

Naked Truth

All the ladies in the house say “Yeaaahhh!” This group is designed for women to come together for deep meaningful friendships within the community.


Heart Led

All of our services come straight from the heart, we offer everything to everyone for free. Our team is motivated to help create a global paradigm shift moving us from fear to Love.

Who it’s for

We accept everyone from all walks of life. Diversity is what keeps life interesting and we encourage everyone to show up exactly as they are, we welcome you with open arms.

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Next Steps…

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