World Wide
Food Festival 2024 🌍🍲

World Wide Food Festival 2024

Date: Saturday, July 6, 2024
Time: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Location: Town Centre Park, Coquitlam

The World Wide Food Festival is a vibrant celebration of global cultures through a diverse array of cuisine and performances. This year’s event is particularly exciting with an unprecedented participation of 24 food vendors representing a variety of culinary traditions. Attendees can look forward to sampling delicious dishes from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, Thailand, Greece, Vietnam, the Philippines, Persia, Ukraine, Poland, Lebanon, Mexico, Japan, and more. In addition to the savory and sweet delights, including ice creams, cotton candies, and a plethora of other sweets, the festival will also offer a selection of local non-alcoholic beverages.

Beyond the food, the World Wide Food Festival promises a rich tapestry of 14 cultural performances. Performances include: Indigenous Hoop and Jingle Dance, Traditional dances from the Philippines, Polynesia, South America, West Africa, and Mexico, Scottish Highland dancing,Chinese Academy Dance Group, A fiddler duo, and a group of talented newcomers will showcase cultural clothing from India, Iran, and China. There will also be a Hindi singer, traditional Iranian dance, and classic Chinese folk song and dance performances.

Visitors can also explore more than 65 market stalls featuring arts and crafts, service providers, clothing stalls including collaboration with Granville Flea – a vintage Pop-up market of 16 vendors!.

Last but definitely not least, the World Wide Food Festival is offering a Kid’s Zone packed with fun and excitement for the little ones. The Kid’s Zone will feature bouncy castles,face painting, mascots, and an array of fun games and activities. These attractions are designed to ensure that children have a fantastic time and everyone leaves with lasting memories.

This festival truly offers something for everyone, making it a perfect event for families and individuals alike. Join us for a day filled with delicious food, vibrant performances, cultural immersion, and endless fun at the World Wide Food Festival!

Cultural Performers

JANE WYLIE - Indigenous Hoop and Jingle Dancing

Jane is a Haida and Scottish young lady who was inspired when she saw a hoop dancer. This same woman gave Jane her first three hoops. Jane’s passion for hoop dancing propelled her to teach herself to improve and master her craft. She has been performing at National Indigenous Days in Maple Ridge and Langley for several years.


Formed in the spring of 2013, Shot of Scotch Vancouver is a non-profit society dedicated to honouring and expanding the Highland dance tradition through performance and education. The company creates imaginative and innovative Highland dance that engages and inspires diverse audiences locally, nationally, and internationally on an emotional level.


Another amazing group has joined our line up of cultural performers!! The Chichiquita Dance Group will perform the “Bulaklakan” (Dance of Floral Garlands), a traditional PHILIPPINES folk dance.

Joyce Malkomes

Joyce is a Brazilian artist who performed at various international festivals including the Squamish Cultural Festival. Joyce will be showcasing her talent with solo and duet performances.

The Cindy Yang Dance Academy

The Cindy Yang Dance Academy of Canada strives to conduct cultural exchange in Canada by showcasing traditional and ethnic Chinese dance. Students have recently received numerous awards at regional and international competitions and they will be performing some of the award-winning dances!

Welcome to Canada

Team “Welcome to Canada” is a group of citizens and new commerce to Canada who want to extend the welcome to all to celebrate the diversity and rich multiculturalism Canada has.

The team will showcase cultural clothing from India, Iran, China and more, traditional Iranian dance, a Hindi singer will sing live while a dancer performs, a traditional Chinese dancers and a classic pastoral Chinese folk song. Truly a team to watch for!


The Spirit of the Pacific Cultural Society A Canadian Non-Profit organization With a goal to perpetuate, promote and preserve the unique traditions and cultural heritage of the Hula, and other Polynesian dances.

Damasco Soul System

Damasco Soul System is a local band known for their vibrant fusion of Afro Beats and South American rhythms, creating a unique sound that energizes any crowd. Their music seamlessly blends traditional percussion with modern melodies, inviting listeners to dance and lose themselves in the infectious grooves. With each performance, they bring a piece of diverse cultural heritage to life.

Prairie Wolf with Chika Buston

Asian Canadian fiddler Prairie Wolfe has a rhythmic and driving sound steeped in multiple traditions, including Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, and French Canadian. Prairie has performed on various stages, most recently with English singer/songwriter Tim Readman and step-dance/crankies musical group Podorythmie. Prairie is joined by Chika Buston, an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist with an eclectic range of styles. Chika can commonly be found playing folk music around BC.

Zambales Dance Group

The Zambales Dance Group will be performing “Tinikling” which is a traditional Philippine folk dance involving sliding bamboo poles in coordination with the dancers who step over and in between the poles.

They will also be performing “Cuyo” a dance that emphasizes traditional costumes and grace. Don’t miss this amazing cultural performance by the Zambales Group.

Safari Lounge

Safari Lounge is a musical talent that showcases West African drum beats, dance, and art. Their interactive performance is always one to participate!

Grupo America

Vancouver-based Grupo America has been dazzling International audiences with their spectacular Latin Dance show.Grupo America boasts talented dancers and choreographers from some of the best folkloric ballets in Latin America. Their performance will include costume changes and cultural dances from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba.

Piel de Bronce Dancing Group

Piel de Bronce Dancing Group is a group of women who takes pride and purpose in sharing a little piece of the Mexican rich culture, specifically, the Estate of Oaxaca.

Born to Bhangra

Born To Bhangra Academy is located in Surrey, BC. Born To Bhangra started their journey in 2019 and they have been providing Bhangra and Gidha classes to all levels and age groups.Our team takes lead in empowering women and teach gidha and bhangra to their students to keep the culture alive. Our priority continues to introduce our sisters to dance and teach them folk art. Our team has made their way up in working in a lot of punjabi music videos and promoting sisterhood in the music industry. Born To bhangra is also known for their famous choreographies. We think it’s important to give our students a stage where they can express their love of dancing, develop cooperation and leadership abilities, be confident and represent their culture.

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Food Truck / Vendors

Andale Food Truck

The Andale Food Truck is a vibrant and popular mobile eatery known for serving authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. The Andale Food Truck is typically brightly colored and decorated with traditional Mexican artwork and motifs, making it a lively and inviting presence at festivals, markets, and events.

Baba’s House

Baba’s house offers a delightful authentic Polish dishes that follow traditional recipes, straight from their Polish roots.

Betty’s Greek Honey Ballz

Betty's Greek Honey Ballz are a delightful treat inspired by traditional Greek loukoumades. These bite-sized, deep-fried dough balls are golden and crispy on the outside, with a soft, airy interior. This little balls are coated with honey syrup, giving them a sweet and sticky glaze that complements their light texture.

Booze Free Bevees

Bevees offers a selection of amazing non-alcoholic beverages or as they call them “booze-free bevees”. As the owners aiming to bring back the charm of old fashioned face-to-face customer service, have established a retail bottle shop and a beverage room.

Cazba Persian Grill

A dining establishment that brings the rich flavors and traditions of Persian cuisine to its guests. Cabza Persian Grill is an excellent choice for those looking to explore the flavors of Persian cuisine in a comfortable and culturally rich setting.

Empanada Gal

Empanada Gal offers carefully crafted empanadas with delicious ingredients that defines their amazing menu. This Empanada’s were indulged with flavor, customize to deliver in a variety of options.

Holy Taco & Mexi Eats

Holy Taco & Mexi Eats brings the best authentic Birria flavor right in your neighborhood. Holy Taco and Mexi Eats is more than just a food truck. It’s a vibrant, casual celebration of authentic Mexican Tacos and cuisine.


Japadog serves authentic ingredients such as sausage made in Kurobuta or Kobe beef and original sauce made with imported stuff from Japan.

Japan Rice Bowl Assoc.

Japan Rice bowl Assoc. is a delightful food destination offering a menu inspired by Japanese flavors.

Kona Ice of Chilliwack

Kona Ice of Chilliwack is a mobile shaved ice company known for its colorful trucks and tropical-themed frozen treats. Kona Ice operates on a unique business model that combines fun, flavor, and community engagement.

Little Lebanon Eats

Little Lebanon Eats serves authentic flavors of Lebanon from savory classics to delicious sweets where the owners ensure that every food is served with labour of love and respect to their culinary tradition.

Little Pisces Desserts

Little Pisces desserts serve a freshly made “Taiyaki” which is a popular Japanese fish-shaped cake that is often filled with sweet red bean or custard.

Little Sugar Blossom

Little Sugar Blossom offers on-site delicious cotton candy making with different variety of colors and flavors for parties and events.

Loqum Atelier

Loqum Atelier specialty lies on their handmade traditional Turkish delight which are meticulously prepared and presented in metal boxes.

Lucha Libre Food Truck

Lucha Libre Food Truck is based in the Tri-cities that serves up authentic Mexican eats like Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos, Tortas, and more.

Old Country Pierogi

Old Country Pierogi is a family-owned catering business based in Metro Vancouver. They serve authentic Polish and Eastern European dishes inspired by traditional recipes. One of their specialties is the “Pierogies”, which are boiled or pan-fried dumplings filled with various ingredients such as potatoes, cheese and sometimes meat.

Ping Thai BBQ

Ping Thai BBQ offers a Thai-style grilled BBQ with a combination of delightful sweet, salty, and savory flavors.

Rolled West Coast

Handcrafted ice cream rolls where ice cream base is poured onto a cold surface, flattened and rolled into delightful spirals and a variety of flavors to choose from.

S for Skewers

S for Skewers serves beef, lamb and chicken skewer. Picture juicy chunks of meat marinated, sauced, and cooked to perfection. They also serve bubble waffle, veggie boxes and fried sausages.

Shameless Buns

Shameless buns offer famous Filipino homemade bread roll called “ Pandesal” which is slightly sweet, light and delicious. It can be filled with variety of delightful combinations like longaniza (Filipino sausage) and fried egg or crispy fried Spam and many more.

Sharbat Vancouver

“Drinks from the East”. Sharbat Vancouver serves authentic Middle Eastern refreshments with varieties of flavors like Rohafza, Mango Lazzi and more.

Tatchan Noodles

Enjoy an authentic Okinawa Soba in a traditional “Yatai” (meaning mobile food stall selling Ramen or other food) cart dining experience.

The New Taste Wraps

A mobile catering business specializing in serving authentic Greek Donair. Their chicken and beef wraps are made with fresh ingredients with their famous “Tzatziki” sauce wrapped in hot pita bread.

Tokyo Katsu-Sand

Enjoy the first food truck serving real Japanese style Katsu Sando. They offer Gyu-Katsu, Ebi- Katsu, Ton-Katsu and Chicken-Katsu.

For vendor opportunities and general information, please contact

Now accepting Vendors on a first come first serve basis, to register please click VENDOR REGISTRATION

The good news is that our vendor fees will remain the same as last year and are as follows:

Food Truck Vendors/Food Tents = $250

Market Vendors/Services = $150

Registered Non Profit Organizations = $50

The fee provides for a 10 x 10 spot to showcase your business. You must bring your own tent, table and chairs.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact