Low Entropy is a registered charity that is making personal development accessible to all, and in doing so, providing people with tools to change themselves and the world.

Conscious Connections is a free program where people meet to create a compassionate, safe space for each other while exploring transformational topics. In this encouraging, positive environment, we support each other by providing the opportunity for people to be seen, heard, and understood for who they truly are. As with all our programs, we encourage diversity and welcome inclusivity.
Many of our youth are left alone to face a world of judgment and criticism. This pressure often leads youth to isolate themselves, as a result, they feel lost and confused. This sense of loneliness, fear, and isolation can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. To combat these issues, Low Entropy offers free online programs that act as preventative measures to mental health issues.

Our non-profit organization serves to reduce the overall entropy of our social system, helping to create a global paradigm shift from fear to Love.

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