Change Yourself,
Change the

Change Starts Within

Embracing "All My Relations" for unity and mutual care of each other and Earth.

We enhance the social and economic wellbeing of vulnerable individuals across all cultures, with a strong commitment to honoring the traditions and perspectives of Indigenous and multicultural communities.


We embody the principle of "leading by example" to foster the change we envision in our communities. Through our programs, we dedicate ourselves to uplifting the social and economic conditions of those in need, across diverse cultures. With a deep respect for Indigenous and multicultural traditions, we strive to cultivate self-love and compassion, empowering individuals to extend these values within their communities.

We acknowledge the homelands of the Indigenous Peoples and we respectfully acknowledge the many territorial keepers of the Lands on which we work.



At Low Entropy, we believe changing the world starts with changing ourselves.

With our first program in 2015, Low Entropy Facilitates conversations that encourage diversity and promote inclusivity.

We follow the Indigenous principles of "All My Relations" - The idea that we are all connected and we have a shared responsibility to take care of each other and the planet.