Tri-Cities newest thrift store!


In part with The Low Entropy Foundation, where all proceeds go toward funding free programs for your community.  Put your old goods to use by recycling them with us! Not only will you be nurturing your community by providing platforms to express, learn, and support one another, but you’ll also be saving the environment from excess waste in our landfills!

About us:

Low Entropy focuses on providing a safe space for all demographics to explore personal development through building a supportive community. We offer free programs such as adult and youth support groups, goods and services acquisition and delivery for people in need, courses such as art therapy, and recreational sports events throughout the greater Vancouver area.

Our directors and facilitators are determined to assist and encourage all members to reach their fullest potential and make positive changes in their lives.

Get Involved: 

Volunteering and donating to meaningful foundations not only build resilience in our communities but in ourselves as individuals too.


There are Two Ways to Get Involved

1. Donation

Host a donation drive and donate old clothing, textiles, wood, ceramic, and plastic goods. These items will be recycled and resold at an affordable price, keeping them out of landfills, and putting them in the hands of people who choose to shop sustainably, while funding local programs.

2. Volunteer

Volunteer at our thrift store. Being a part of something bigger than yourself fills you with a sense of duty and fulfillment when you see the good that comes from your effort take shape in your local Vancouver and Port Coquitlam community.


Thrift and Fund Fact Sheet


Thrift and Fund

for more information you can visit the Thrift and Fund site here: