More Than a Foundation

Low Entropy is so much more than a foundation—it’s a living, growing community of compassionate individuals who seek to positively impact the world by discovering the light within themselves.


Low Entropy is an Inclusive, Expansive Organization where everyone is welcome to bring their own ideas.


Youth Empowering Youth is a place where you can get to know other people and also create meaningful relationships with them. The conversations that we have are never surface level, you really dive in deep and you're able to share your story with others and learn things through the conversations.
Low Entropy is a very inclusive community for people to come and motivate each other and help each other take positive steps in their own lives towards where they want to go.


I found through Low Entropy that I can empathize with others. Low Entropy has allowed me to connect with people on a broader basis, it has helped me to connect with all kinds of people that in the past, I would have thought, I don't know how to (connect with), but Low Entropy taught me that I can... and I can do it really well. I'm very grateful to Low Entropy for broadening and enriching my life in that way.


Low Entropy has made a huge impact on my life. I've met some amazing people and I've learned so many different things that I want to bring into my community and share with my friends and family. It's been a very inspiring experience.


Low Entropy is a safe, non-judgmental place where everyone's welcome to join us as they are. We practice inclusivity and we help each other grow. At Low Entropy, it's really important that everyone's voice is heard, we give everyone a chance to share their input and we respect everyone's values and perspectives.


The YEY program helped me to know myself. The program encouraged me to talk and it helped me to work on my confidence. We make each other feel comfortable to speak up and share ideas.


Conscious Connections is a space where people truly listen, not offer their opinion. It gave me an avenue to talk about things I can’t share with my friends or family members in fear of being judged. It really restored my hope and I'm grateful that a program like this is available not only in person but online too during the pandemic.


Low Entropy has had a really big impact in my life.
At conscious connections, there is diversity in age and culture. It is amazing to see so many different points of view, it really helps to open our minds and think outside of the box.
Low Entropy is a place where you can connect with your feelings, and connect with others going through similar things. Low Entropy is a place where you can be free to speak and share your thoughts.


If I could describe Low Entropy in a couple of words, it would be Ripple Effect. It’s a ripple effect of love. Low Entropy embraces all people no matter their race, culture, gender, age, or class. All these typical “dividers” in society are overcome by love because love is the answer.


After joining low entropy, it's helped me to understand the importance of communication and teamwork. It's amazing how people who are all very different can all come together to work for the same purpose.


It's okay to be vulnerable. Low Entropy does a really great job of making you feel safe, seen, and accepted. We realize that it's all about love and connection; learning from each other and seeing the humanity in each other.


Low Entropy is an organization that increases accessibility for mental health services and also creates a world where we are all able to increase our emotional awareness and move forward together.

Breaking Down Barriers

We discover real human compassion beneath the masks of wealth, status, and superficial conditions.

The Low Entropy Foundation provides resources for growth and personal development free for all participants. We are committed to keeping our transformational programs available and accessible to anyone who wishes to elevate their consciousness, discover more about themselves, and shine their light to the world.

“If I could describe Low Entropy in a couple of words, it would be Ripple Effect. It’s a ripple effect of love. Low Entropy embraces all people no matter their race, culture, gender, age, or class. All these typical “dividers” in society are overcome by love because love is the answer.”

—Haydee, Low Entropy Community Member

Always Seeking the Heart

We recognize that human compassion reaches far beyond meeting physical needs. Through ongoing support programs, community outreach, and mutual understanding, we seek to extend beyond the physical need to provide hope, health, and healing at the real root of human suffering.

We’re not just focused on aid and relief—our programs focus on building healthy, lasting relationships that foster transformative personal growth.

Creating Safe Space for Growth

Low Entropy is a container for personal growth—a garden where seeds of love, compassion, and enlightenment are encouraged to flourish. Our programs are dedicated to fostering a safe, non-judgmental place where individuals from all walks of life can find friendship, understanding, and connection. We believe in championing inclusive spaces for honest questions and authentic empathy.

“If I could describe Low Entropy and my experience with it in a few words, it would be community, empowerment, and transformation. ...Low Entropy encourages empowerment as it gives people the courage and support where they feel like they can make mistakes without criticism and judgement… Low Entropy brings forward transformation and a language that is universal, love and support.”

—Matthew, Low Entropy Community Member

Change Yourself and the World



Our programs go beyond meeting a need—they create space for growth.

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