We help immigrants, job seekers and young adults find and follow the career and or education that works for them.

We also work with organizations to help them maximize the employee potential, from manager to executive level.

We want our clients to succeed in their workplace -offering work experience and career exploration workshops so they can make the right choice!

Career Services

Career Preparations

One of the most difficult things to do in life is look for work. However, you should not just be looking for the next pay cheque.  As a Professional you need to start looking at your career within an extended timeframe.  This course provides the skills to find your first job, but to start planning where you want to see you career progress.  The skills you will learn in this course will support you through your working career.

Upon completion of this course the successful participant will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Create a networking list that includes both warm calls and cold calls
  • Write cover letter for a job posting
  • Write and tailor a resume for specific job requirements
  • Conduct themselves professionally in an interview situation
  • Negotiate and close the job offer

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