Learning, healing, and connecting through art

Youth Expressive Arts is a program designed to help youth discover and connect with their identities through artistic self-expression in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Today’s world may seem confusing to many adolescents, one in which trying to find any semblance of a “true self” may appear difficult. Low Entropy believes that engaging in art while having fun with peers will help to lighten the load and serve as a means to self-discovery. As a creative medium, art provides an opportunity to try on different identities to see which ideas resonate. Your imagination is the only limit.

Youth Expressive Arts is free and accessible to all because of the generosity of our donors.
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Building confidence from within

The Youth Expressive Arts program doesn’t just seek to heal–it seeks to motivate, challenge, and transcend boundaries in order to start building up healthy degrees of self-worth, self-knowledge, and ultimately, confidence in who we are as individuals.

Diving into different worlds

Each session will last an hour, and will focus on a type of art (e.g., painting, mask-making, drawing, tiles) and a daily theme in tandem with self-reflective questions. During these sessions, participants will learn to better understand themselves and others by exploring their headspaces through art.

If your organization or school would like to host our Expressive Arts program, please contact Ness Gale at ness@lowentropy.org

Your Best Day Vision Board

Create a vision board of your best day! The purpose of this activity is to allow that magical excited thinking shine through.

Self-Care Jar

This jar will remind us of what motivates us during our lowest days. You can fill up the jar with reminders of what makes you happy.

Internal/External Weather Report

Reflect on what is going on in the world around you, and how you are feeling internally.

Self-Care Assessment Wheel and Response

Assessing your self-care needs and where you are at currently for each. Come up with your own sections of the wheel.

Meet the facilitators

Our facilitators are comprised of practicum students and volunteers who love to give back to the community by supporting youth. 

They’re compassionate, creative, and caring. 

Click the photos below to learn more about each facilitator.