Various Ways to Find Inspiration

January 6, 2023

Grace Cheng (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


Inspiration occurs when someone sees or hears something that triggers new ideas or motivates them to act. The process of inspiration refers to the process of arousing an individual to feel a certain way or desire to act in a particular manner. There is often an association between this concept and creative endeavors, but it can occur in a variety of circumstances. In the workplace, for instance, inspiration can influence individuals to change their behavior or aid them in generating new ideas. Although individuals can inspire others, that inspiration usually originates from within. There may be something that a person sees or hears that resonates with their values, feelings, or desires and encourages them to act.

The power of inspiration lies in the combination of imagination and motivation. You may find inspiration through another person’s words or actions, through images that you have seen, or even by just sitting and thinking in a place that is conducive to peaceful thinking. The feeling of inspiration is always accompanied by an element of personal purpose.

According to my experience, I find inspiration in two different ways. I find it by spending time alone in silence, reflecting on my life, practicing meditation, or participating in any activity that allows me to get quiet and listen to my heart. It is during those moments that I am most connected to what is most important to me, which inspires new ways of thinking, being, and acting for me. In this way, I can set out a plan for the day or even for the whole month or year ahead.

By understanding that inspiration comes from within, we cease to seek inspiration from external sources. The ability to recognize the source of our inspiration is essential to our growth, as when we are fully aware that our inspiration originates from within, we are not subject to the changing tides of people and things around us.

Where can we find inspiration?

  1. Walking in Nature

People can be inspired by nature since it reflects our natural environment. By spending more time in nature, we can experience feelings of awe and astonishment. Time is no longer a constraint, and we can take things as they come. There are also lessons to be learned from nature.

  1. Talking to People

When we need inspiration, we may find it helpful to talk to people we know and trust about what they do. We can benefit from expressing our thoughts if there is a struggle or challenge we are experiencing, or if we are contemplating a new direction. We may also be inspired to produce ideas we had not thought of before because of this. The involvement of other individuals can provide us with a sense of generative accountability as we move forward.

  1. Exercise

Research has shown that individuals who feel healthy and happy are more likely to experience inspiration than those who feel anxious or stressed. Physical exercise has been proven to promote physical and mental well-being, and in addition to providing a space to clear your mind and process your thoughts, physical activity can also stimulate the creative process.

  1. Looking at the Big Picture

The big picture allows us to see how our actions contribute to a larger whole. It is possible to find inspiration and meaning in something greater than us, and this can also give us the feeling of being rooted.

  1. Change

Positive change can inspire a person in so many ways. The process of change allows us to discover new things, improve as individuals, and spur us on to better things. Embrace change and learn to enjoy the daily journey that it brings. By doing so, you can become your own inspirational story and uplift yourself at the same time.

  1. Family

A loving, supportive family can serve as a source of inspiration regularly. It is often necessary to undertake tedious tasks in life, but when you are sure they will make the people you love happy or comfortable, it is easier to take on those tasks.

  1. Kindness

The act of kindness is an easily accessible source of inspiration. Practicing kindness without a sense of expectation can be the key to success.

  1. Mediation

The practice of meditation opens your mind to new ideas. Mindfulness practice improves attention and makes it easier to recognize the novelty and usefulness of new ideas. Mediation promotes courage and resilience in the face of skepticism and setbacks, which is critical because failures and setbacks are inherent to the innovation process.

  1. Listening to Music

Music is a pure and unadulterated source of inspiration and has the power to influence our emotions, thoughts, and ideas as well as our creativity. Listening to music has the greatest effect on people. Paying attention to the composition and listening carefully can inspire people and heal their bodies at the same time. Besides stimulating the mind, inspiring music also stimulates the intellect.

  1. Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting can distract and calm us. By disengaging from the outside world, we make room for creativity, and we allow ourselves the opportunity to be inspired.


Inspiration can be found everywhere. Some individuals find inspiration in nature, or other people in their lives, such as their friends and family.


Grace has an accounting and finance background. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies and playing sports.

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