A Crescendo

May 4, 2022

Cristina Cresecenzo she/her, Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


We have come to know rhythm as the beautiful synchronized sound that takes form in music and plays through our ears to bring about a plethora of emotions. However, what if we tried to convert a rhythm into the form of our daily lives? I have meditated on the idea and come to the conclusion that since life itself is not perfectly balanced we will have to create a whole new rhythm for ourselves. Luckily, music of modern days has strayed away from conventional formats by testing out new instruments, beats and sounds, even going so far as to sample something we use everyday like a light switch to create something completely unique. 


Therefore, I have no doubt we can invent our own melody to glide us forward and make each day a little easier. Before I finally focused my thoughts, I personally believed that I had no rhythm in my routine and instead I was just floating around aimlessly but I know now that this is not true. I heavily rely on the music playing in my headphones to temper my thoughts and help me with my decisions. It might sound silly yet every song I have heard has been written from the experience of someone else. The artist and I may not be exactly the same but there are always lyrics I can connect with. There have been instances in which I am listening to a song for the first time and the words feel as if it was meant specifically for me to hear; in those two to five minute intervals I know I am not alone.


I trust these voices to be my joy, anger, sadness, and comfort because they have chosen to spill the secrets of their hearts to the entire world to hear and I am one who believes we can learn from one another. I am not saying we should follow every piece of advice music gives us, what I am saying is that music is there as  an inspiration for you to examine your surroundings and think about the things you want to do next for yourself. This may sound overly sentimental but our lives are symphonies only we can conduct and if we were to copy the notes of others all we would hear is a constant echo and there would be no real progression towards our final crescendo. On that note, it makes me think of my last name, “Crescenzo” which in Italian stems from the word crescendo to mean to thrive and prosper. Thus, I can’t help but feel that the name I have bore since birth is challenging me to do just that. So, like a crescendo, the loudest point within a musical piece, the rhythm of my heart has to make the same loud impact in tandem with the things I choose to do in this lifetime. 


Nevertheless, I have stayed firm in my conviction to do things my way just like the songwriters of today who do things differently than the musicians of past eras. I know the flow of my rhythm is anything but synchronized and yet I wouldn’t want it any other way and I don’t think anyone else should strive for their steps to be perfectly in sync because that would only make for a boring tune. 



Cristina Cresecenzo (she/her) an aspiring writer who strives towards having her writing spread awareness to a range of topics but most importantly disabilities and mental health and she hopes Low Entropy is the first step to that journey.

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