Decisions, Decisions

September 16, 2022

MacKenzie Chalmers (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


Often we look back at our lives and remember all of the good and bad memories. We think of the accomplishments we achieved or the friends we’ve made and lost. We remember the adventures we went on and the feelings we had during these adventures. 


What if we sat back and considered all of the decisions we have made up until this point? Were they the right ones? The wrong ones? Could things have been done differently to achieve a different result? Should things have been done differently?


When I look back on my past I can remember many decisions I made that have impacted my life. I remember the struggle or nervousness I had for some and the confidence or excitement I had with others. There are many decisions of mine that stick out to me.


In high school, I was one of the few recommended for a specialized art program. This is an additional art class taken each year alongside the standard art class and students that are in this advanced class generally audition prior to high school beginning in the ninth grade. There were open spots available for a few students to be able to join for the following year and to remain in it until graduation in the twelfth grade. 


It was a big decision for me that, in my eyes, had many positive and negative factors. It was great because I would have a chance to be surrounded by a class with students that all enjoyed art and wanted to learn. I would also get to have two art classes a year rather than one and learn a lot more skills and forms of art. 


I was hesitant because the expectations would be higher from the teachers and I may not do as well as I am used to performing in a class. Throughout primary/elementary school I was the student always praised for my art skills, however, in high school when I began taking the standard art class prior to being recommended, I witnessed the talent other students had. It was great, but I felt my confidence reduce and at times I would look at my art and only see the improvement that needed to be made. My hesitation formed with the idea that I would be surrounded by all of these talented students and my teachers would wonder why I was in the program.


With all of these factors in mind, I knew I still wanted to try it out and I could change my mind after the following year if I really wanted to. If I had not made the decision to join the program, many parts of my life would have changed. I would not have gained the confidence I needed and I would not have developed and improved my existing skill set. My love for art began as a child, but my love for digital media was found in high school. There is a chance I would not have heard about the two digital-based art classes that were available to take if I had not taken on the program. 


Traditional forms of art to digital-based art possess the same principles. We always have to consider colour, line, shape and many more principles in our work. A photographer would not just pull out their camera and snap a photo. They would pull out that camera, look at their surroundings and look at the subject of their photo. They would consider all components that would be in the photo. The composition of the subject and the background and how everything comes together with the colours, shapes, lines and other principles to make the photograph complete. 


Trying new things can be scary. It is hard to go out of your comfort zone and not know what the outcome of the decision you make will have. It can be hard to admit you may have been wrong and change the decision, or hard to admit you were right and deal with the resulting changes in your life. 


Thinking about my decision to join the advanced art program in high school, I do not regret it. I cannot imagine what career path I would have pursued if I had not joined the program and later discovered digital art. I would not have discovered the talent I had for digital art and not have discovered all of the possibilities available in life and career. 



MacKenzie is a digital media enthusiast with interests in various aspects of media. She takes part in novel hunting, photo and video creating, and creative writing.

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