Educational Value

September 24, 2021

Grace Cheng (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about education is knowledge. Education can be a powerful tool that gives us knowledge, skills, information and techniques that can expand our vision and outlook on life. Furthermore, education can help us to fight injustice, violence, corruption and other issues in our society.


Education provides us with knowledge of what is going on in our world. When we have education, we can develop the ability to think clearly, apply knowledge to the world and make complex moral determinations. It can give us a different perspective on the lookout of life. Therefore, education can play an important element in the evolution of our nation. Education should not be limited to books, but can be gained through life experience. There should be no end to continued education because at every stage of our lives we should be learning something new.


Without education, we would not be able to come up with and explore new ideas, which means we would not be able to develop our world, because without ideas, there would not be any creativity and no development of society. 


Education has intellectual value as well as economic value.  Since education promotes imagination, creativity and knowledge, it provides us with opportunities to get high-paying jobs. Education plays an important role in our modern and industrialized world. Because we live in a competitive world, we may need to have a good education to seek employment to make a comfortable living. Many modern conveniences were developed by people with significant knowledge of the world around them, which helped them to apply better solutions to problems.


The following are some of the benefits of having an education:


  1. A More Comfortable and Stable Life 


To earn a better living and live a more comfortable life, we can look to the value of education. Increased education often correlates with reduced poverty. When we can get better jobs, we are then able to meet our needs and raise our families.  If you want to have a happier and more stable life and be able to enjoy some of the good things that the world offers, education can help.


  1. The Ability to Read and Write


Since much important information is communicated in writing, we need to have the ability to read and write. Without basic education, we would not be able to read newspapers, signs, letters and books. We would depend on others to help us with our daily activities, such as banking and shopping, if we had low literacy.


  1. Better Communication Skills 


Education can help us to improve our communication skills, such as our speech, vocabulary, tone and body language. When we are more educated, we may feel more confident with public speaking.


  1. Increased Independence


Having an education can help you to become more financially independent. It can also give us the information we need to help us make wiser decisions in general. Being able to navigate life efficiently can reduce our reliance on others.


  1. Increased Confidence


Having a higher education can manifest in the way you communicate, and people may take your words more seriously. This may give you more confidence in expressing yourself and your opinions.


  1. Character Building


Education can help develop us into more mature people, with the ability to plan and make positive life decisions. It can also provide us with insights into living and teach us to learn from our life experiences. Education can make us more confident and increase our ability to think, analyze and judge. People can apply more ideas in developing their moral values and standards when they have more education, and, therefore, become more thoughtfully conscientious human beings.


  1. Understanding Life Responsibilities


With more information about the mechanisms of the world around them, educated people may have more awareness of their personal and social responsibilities. Having a higher education can teach people to think beyond their immediate interests and give them the ability to contribute to longer-term societal projects.


  1. Women’s Empowerment


When women are more educated, they can raise their voices against injustice. Women with education can make better decisions and are more likely to take charge of their lives.  Educated women can use the right to freedom of speech and expression in more complex ways. Education may be fundamental for women to achieve equality.


Are you convinced about the importance of having an education after reading the benefits I have listed above?



Grace has an accounting and finance background. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies and playing sports.

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