What’s with the name?

Entropy simply means “the measurement of disorder,” something that has high entropy is full of disorder, it’s unorganized, chaotic and inefficient. On the other hand, something that has low entropy is very efficient, it’s organized, and harmonious, it works really well. We live in a social system, when our social system is unruly and we experience war, despair, famine and destruction, we are living in a high entropy state. The flip side is a social system that cooperates with acceptance and compassion for each other, a system that works together with encouragement and support. You see, the result of a low entropy system is Love. We chose the name “Low Entropy” as a Universal way of sharing the important message of Love.

2 thoughts on “What’s with the name?”

  1. Interview with Tom brought me here.
    It is certainly not easy to be on a mission to change the world but Im imressed with the site…

    Good luck and I hope for the best!

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