Inspiring Hope in Recovery

November 4, 2022

Elizaveta Garifullina, Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


Can we influence the recovery process? Undoubtedly, we can. Our faith and our thoughts can worsen our health or improve it.


Many diseases can appear because of our psychosomatics. Many people believe that diseases are a factor in us doing something wrong. It may seem complicated, but the great thing is that we can also positively impact our health. If we have strong faith in our recovery, we can accelerate the process of healing. 


Just imagine one person constantly saying that he will never be rich in his life, and the second person is sure that his fortune will be abundant and he will build his own profitable business. Who will be more successful? The answer comes to mind almost immediately, of course, the second person, because the first one sabotages his success. 


It is the same with health. Two people may have the same health condition. They are given the same medications; they follow the same routine. But the first person is sure that his health is too bad and he will not recover, and the second not only believes and hopes but also knows that he will recover. This person has decided that he will recover; he has no doubts or anxiety. Anxiety will only worsen your health; it never helps anything.


I want to give an example of the story “The Last Leaf” by the excellent writer William Sydney Porter, known to the world under the pseudonym O. Henry. Two girls settled in an apartment, organizing a tiny painting studio there. One of the girls is seriously ill; she was diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctor fears for the girl’s life as Jonesy prepares to die. She decided that as soon as the last leaf fell from the ivy outside the window, the final minute of her life would come.


A strong wind with rain and snow rages outside all night, mercilessly tearing the leaves from the old ivy, which means that the girl does not have long to live. When Jonesy asks her friend to open the curtains in the morning, she sees that a yellow-green leaf is still holding on to the ivy stalk. And on the second and the third day, it still holds on and does not want to fly away.


Then Jonesy finds hope, believing it is too early for her to die because such a small leaf was kept there, despite the strong wind. So she can handle it. The doctor then tells the girl that the disease has receded and Jonesy’s health was on the mend. Only later do we find out that this leaf was painted by an old artist who sacrificed his life and went out at night in such weather to save the girl by painting his masterpiece. 


Sometimes all the pills in the world are powerless if a person is sure that the disease is more potent than him. But if a person has hope and faith, medicines will be a thousand times more effective. 


Faith, confidence, and calmness are reflected in our brain activity, which leads to a healthy mind and, as a result, a healthy body. A healthy brain performs many critical mental functions simultaneously, producing a large number of waves of brain activity of different frequencies reflecting these functions.


With today’s stressful lifestyle, we often show increased beta activity. Many are looking for ways to produce alpha waves – peaceful existence and relaxation to overcome this negativity. When we raise our alpha and theta (including mu) activity through constructive processes – meditations, exercises, through audio-visual stimulation, we achieve changes in the state of consciousness or “alpha activity.” We must learn how to produce alpha waves on a daily basis through meditation or other tools.


When the frequency of brain waves slows down, we plunge into the depths of the subconscious. The higher the frequency of brain waves, the more active the consciousness and the more attention we pay to the outside world, which is not always a good thing.


Remember that our mind can be a cure.


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