The Benefits of Having a Mentor

December 30, 2022

Grace Cheng (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


What is the value of having a mentor in your life? Do you have an interest in finding one, but do not know where to begin?


What is mentorship?

Mentorship plays a crucial role in everyone’s life to ensure that they succeed in their endeavors. Everyone must have at least one outstanding mentor in their lives. Mentors in our lives can range from professionals, such as teachers and coaches, to everyday individuals we come across. They will provide you with valuable advice and motivation to transform your future dramatically. Mentors will show you simple shortcuts that will allow you to get back on track quickly. 

Through the mentoring relationship, the mentees can navigate obstacles and challenges they may encounter both in their professional and personal lives. Mentors can prepare mentees based on their own experiences, contributing to their success and achievement as they pursue their career and life goals.

Mentorship can help mentees stay motivated and focused on their career path, build confidence, teach them how to present themselves, achieve their goals, and expand their networks. Mentoring allows you to self-discover things that you may not have known about yourself and promote your career growth. It is important to pay attention to your mentors and take their advice and guidance, as this will help you grow personally and professionally. 

How to find mentors?

It is important to find a mentor who is aligned with your personal and professional development needs. Identify people who are in a more advanced stage in their career, preferably in your same field, to help you develop both hard and soft skills. A priority should be given to individuals who enjoy teaching or training and are committed to supporting the growth of others. Authenticity, reliability, awareness of a mentee’s needs, and engagement are important qualities in a mentor. Using this method may enable you to brainstorm with people you know who may be able to serve as your mentors.

Benefits of having mentorship

  1. Clarify your situation

When you are feeling lost or confused, it can be challenging to define your situation when thinking about it on your own. Your mentors can help you gain a clearer understanding of where you are now, how you arrived at this point, and where you hope to go in the future. 

  1. Valuable resource

Mentorship can be a valuable resource if you do not know what you want to do with your life. They help you define your skills and direct you towards industries and occupational roles that may be right for you.

  1. Provide guidance

They provide guidance that enables mentees to learn from their experience by offering advice, establishing trust, and listening to their questions and concerns. Mentors offer professional advice to mentees who may be entering the field for the first time, exploring a possible new career path, or hoping to succeed in their current positions.

  1. Teach from their experience

Your mentors will be able to provide you with valuable advice and insight based on the experience they have gained during their journeys, which can have been like yours. Find out what your mentors did when they were in your shoes and what they did to move forward.

  1. Role models

They can be your role models and will guide you toward a meaningful, successful, and fulfilling life. Imitate their behavior, their approach to life, and how they deal with obstacles if possible.

  1. Motivation and Inspiration

Mentors recognize when you make excuses or are unwilling to move forward and alert you to these situations. Unlike you, they are not willing to accept your unsubstantiated excuses. Moreover, they have dealt with similar fears to those you are currently facing, so they can assist you in developing the skills to overcome these fears and move forward. They have done this before, and they have “got your back.” Make use of their past successes as a motivation for your future endeavors.

  1. Encouragement

They encourage you when life becomes challenging, and you need a push to keep going. Without a mentor, it may be easier to come up with negative ideas in your daily life, especially when dealing with a complex issue or situation. 

  1. Promote personal and professional development

Mentors are experts at transforming negative experiences into learning opportunities. They can help you overcome your obstacles. Mentors can assist you to develop personally and professionally.

  1. Give honest feedback

Your mentors help you understand who you are so that you can identify your weaknesses and work to overcome them. Their feedback can assist you to identify areas of improvement, especially when you are not fully aware of them. 

Go for it if you are wondering whether to take the mentorship plunge – you will not regret it!


Grace has an accounting and finance background. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies and playing sports.

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