The Plants Will Dance

September 8, 2023

Cassandra Di Lalla (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer

Mother Nature is one of the finest teachers. I don’t think we appreciate nature as much as we should, and I don’t think we are grateful enough for what nature truly has to offer. The beauty, the nourishment, the resilience, the comfort . . . these are just a few things that nature possesses and shares with us. 

Nature teaches us that, no matter what comes our way, we can overcome it. Nature teaches us that we are brave and courageous, that we are beautiful despite our flaws and imperfections, and regardless of how tumultuous our lives have been, we’ve conquered the battle and proven our worth.

The earth cries out to the sky when it’s thirsty and it will invite agriculturalists and farmers over when it needs more nutrients. When the sky is sad, it will cry by raining on us. When the sky is overwhelmed, it has an outburst and initiates a thunderstorm. When the sky is scared, it will warn us by producing lightning. When the sky is angry, it might create a combination of things like a windstorm, rainstorm, thunderstorm and lightning all at the same time, which sometimes leads to a power outage.

But, on the flip side, once the sky calms down, you’ll see a rainbow after the rain, the sun will shine once the clouds clear, the birds will fly, the worms will squirm, the plants will dance and the flowers will flourish.

Similar to a yin-yang symbol and how there’s always an opposing force, there’s night and day, dark or light, cold and hot, asleep or awake, quiet and loud, etc . . . Nature teaches us that we need to find balance, weigh out our wants and needs, and discover the power within ourselves and our capabilities. It teaches us love, care, kindness, patience, and so much more, because Mother Nature is selfless.

Mother Nature is accommodating to humankind, but also knows when the mothership needs to come in full force . . . like when and why we’re being rained on, or why and when it’s gloomy and grey. There’s a reason for the different seasons or a drop in temperature, a reason as to why it changes in a full spectrum and, oftentimes, out of the blue. 

Life is like an ocean — you either fear the waves and avoid the waters altogether, or you tackle the tides because comfort won’t always get you to where you need to be. Comfort doesn’t move you. Comfort is static, but challenging yourself is dynamic — it’s a constant. If you’re always relying on comfort and never spreading your wings and soaring in the sky, if you haven’t felt the least bit uncomfortable about the hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to get there someday, then your dreams may not become a reality. To dream is to do, but in a different dimension. To do is the dream you once had when you allowed yourself to feel uncomfortable with imagined scenarios while you were sleeping comfortably. 

Nature teaches us that we sometimes need to take a much bigger leap than we normally would, or in some cases, just slow things down. Time is of the essence and life truly is too short, so we should really be using our time wisely. Live freely, laugh plenty, love wholeheartedly and be kind to all living organisms.

The happier we are, the healthier the planet will be, and the healthier we are, the happier the planet will be. Our world can only be as good as we treat it — kindness doesn’t kill, but being mindful of nature nurtures life itself.

Cassandra Di Lalla lives life purposefully. She enjoys reading, writing and mental health initiatives. She’s an animal lover for life and an innovative individual always finding new ways to create.

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