Transforming Ourselves Through the Journey of Healing

March 3, 2023

Cassandra Di Lalla (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


Healing is a common practice known worldwide and it is a lifelong recovery process. Healing will always be a journey but never a destination. It is transformative and life altering, but our healing is infinite.


We must first understand all the changes taking place in order to then learn how to best adapt with all stages of healing, and then we learn to cope. And guess what? Coping is a form of healing too!


I don’t believe that healing is a “one size fits all” experience or a “cookie cutter” concept. Just like time or numbers, the act of healing is one that cannot be measured.


We all heal in different ways and at different stages in our lives but one thing’s for sure…we are, at the end of the day, healing together as one. It’s an endless, timeless cycle.


When we are faced with a challenge that is seemingly impossible to overcome – our mind, our body, our heart, and our soul sometimes feel trapped because of that seemingly impossible challenge thrown our way. Naturally, some of us will panic and shut down if we already feel at a loss which in turn means that we will need to slowly rebuild ourselves and heal through various methods. That also means we are training our mind, our body, our heart, and our soul to be less reactive in certain situations and more reactive in other situations. But this kind of alertness and overall wellness cannot be achieved overnight. A full transformation is sometimes merely just a mindset though with other things in life, it is a transformation that requires a lot more than just a shift in your thoughts or feelings. A safe, comfortable, non-overbearing approach is one that is centered around the vision you create for yourself, for a healthy life after having successfully met each milestone as you go.


For every 365 days or for every year growing older, that’s already 8,760 hours of change. But during that same period of time, that also means 525,600 minutes of trial and error, reconfiguration, misunderstanding, confusion, falling back on your safety blanket, and starting all over from scratch. 


Your healing journey is your own personal affair and it is unique. A healing experience can be duplicated, but never replicated. Both you and your healing are co-dependent on each other so as long as you are progressing, the healing will feel effortless. Although, if you feel as though life has failed you, your healing journey will feel more faulty and flawed than it would be fearless and free. 


As humans, we are almost always conditioned to thinking that there are elements in life that are there to harm us and others that are there to heal us. We are intelligent though sometimes we do not give ourselves the credit we deserve for self-awareness, self-regulation, self-healing. Instead, we are all twisted and intertwined through the spine of a question mark and always wondering where to find answers. What we do not realize is that all of these answers can be found within as we are the exclamation mark.


Throughout the years, we continue to learn what is meant to be “good” and what is meant to be “bad” but we were never taught that for some people, it’s simply their disposition…it’s how things are viewed. Maybe it’s a matter of whether you’re purposely looking in a mirror knowing the answers are right in front of you and within you. Maybe it’s a matter of looking out your window because you’re still convinced that the world has a better answer than what your conscience is saying.


Healing is helpful…it can be filled with hope…it should become a habit, because healing is healthy and healing is human. We all deserve the power of healing.

Cassandra Di Lalla lives life purposefully. She enjoys reading, writing and mental health initiatives. She’s an animal lover for life and an innovative individual always finding new ways to create.

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