Certain times in life can feel overwhelming. But no one has to face those times alone.

Life coaching is a positive, forward-focused service that equips
individuals to discover their inner power, work through their current
stuck points, and unlock their future potential.

Our Enliven Coaching Program teaches community members how to
empower others through comprehensive life coaching, whether that’s
through providing coaching or training community members to serve as life coaches.

Enliven Coaching is free and accessible to all because of the generosity of our donors.
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Free for Everyone, Forever

That’s right, working with an Enliven Coach at Low Entropy is completely free! No catch. We believe transformative personal professional development opportunities should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we provide free training opportunities for coaches and free sessions for people looking for a coach.

Please note that we are currently not taking in any more clients until we receive further funding.

Become a Low Entropy Coach

Our Enliven Coaches are professionally trained community members
who volunteer their time, treasures, and talents to make a lasting
impact in our community.

If you’re looking for a holistic, support-based program that
empowers you to empower others, consider signing up for our free,
4-week introductory coaching course. This comprehensive
program will teach you the skills you need while supporting you
through your own journey of growth and self-discovery.

Communication, clarity, and connection are just the beginning.
Becoming a Low Entropy life coach is embracing your
individual power to make lifelong impacts in our community and
our world.

Please note that we are currently not running our coaching program until we receive further funding.

Coaching Services

If you’re going through a transition, trying to find balance, navigating a challenging relationship,
feeling stuck in your job, or even seeking to find passion in your soul’s true purpose,
you don’t have to go at it alone. Our community of professionally trained,
forward-focused coaches are dedicated to supporting you and guiding you no matter where you may be at in your journey.

Our discovery-based life coaching program provides free, 30-60-minute coaching sessions on
everything from occupational transitions to personal relationships. Each of our coaches
specializes in a different area, whether that be health, transitions, or even professional
development. When you join our coaching program, you will be matched with a trained
community member dedicated to empowering you to reach your true potential.

We don’t give you the answers or tell you what you need to do. We empower you to find the
answers within yourself

Ready to unlock your individual power?

Please note that life coaching is not therapy, nor does it take the place of psychiatric counseling.
If you are looking for assistance in finding psychological counseling or medical resources,
please contact us.

Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact in your community, your world, and your

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What You Need to Participate

Enliven Coaching is designed to be as accessible as possible so everyone can benefit from the power of coaching. To participate you need:

✔ The ability to video conference with your coach with video, microphone, and sound
✔ A coach-able mindset with a willingness to share openly, put in time for self-reflection outside your coaching sessions (for example, doing daily journaling), and a desire to take action towards your goals.

How to Set Up Your Coaching Session

Please note that we are currently not taking in any more clients until we receive further funding.

About Enliven Coaches

Enliven Coaches are everyday leaders who have stepped up to complete Low Entropy’s 4-week coaching training program.

"Enliven Coaches are Support Coaches. We're here to help you get what it is you say you want. We assist the client to get clarity on what they want, find a way to self evaluate along the way, and take a tangible steps towards want. Coaches are not The Therapist, The Hero, The Giver of Advice, The All Knowing, The Judge, The Philosopher, or The Comforter."

—Darren Kaulius, Head Coach

Looking for counselling instead of coaching?

We recommend this list of reduced-cost counselling services if you’re based near Vancouver, British Columbia. We encourage you to look for resources in your local community to see what is available to you.

Want to Become an Enliven Coach?

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