Can “Uncreative” People Create Art?

January 13, 2023

Elizaveta Garifullina (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


What is creativity? The ability to draw, sing and compose poetry? Does everyone have creativity, or is it some kind of exceptional talent? Can people become creative?

Well, from my perspective, creativity is not something we have or do not have. There are no creative people and non-creative people. Creativity arises within us. Absolutely everyone has it, but it does not belong to us, and not everyone can unlock it. Therefore, I believe that absolutely everyone can create art. You just need to try and reveal it from within yourself.


In this article, I want to talk about how to unlock creativity.


  1. Observe. The next time you go out for groceries or just for a walk, try to remain as an observer. Observe what unusual people you meet on the way or how beautiful nature is. There are an infinite number of ideas around us, but we don’t notice them. Watch art, go to museums, watch people’s creativity on the Internet, and listen to songs. Just try to observe and write down everything you remember in the evening. Write what exciting things you saw and why you liked them.


  1. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. If at school, you were the person who was afraid to make a minor blemish, then you would have to work a little on this point. Create, do not limit yourself to a fictional framework. Turn off your logic and analytical mind. Be like kids who enjoy the process. Art cannot be wrong. There are no mistakes in it; that’s what art is for. You can’t make a mistake here. This is a safe space.


  1. Practice. Spend time with a canvas, a piece of paper, a laptop, or musical instruments. Don’t give it up and make sure to practice, it will bring you great benefits later. Not everything works out at once, so art also needs practice.


  1. Meditate. This does not have to be done in an extreme way. Just try to close your eyes and watch your thoughts, gradually getting rid of them. If it is difficult for you to do it alone, then find meditations on YouTube for your desire and mood; there are a vast number of them there. Also, you can turn on the sound of Tibetan bowls. If you are already familiar with deep meditation, then you can start removing old and unnecessary programs from your mind. And so, just try to find these ten minutes of harmony, so you will improve the connection with your inner state, which contributes to creativity. After meditation, take your notebook, canvas, or musical instrument in this calm state and express what is trying to come out. It will be a pure stream.


  1. Get rid of labels and the past. If you did it somehow last time, it does not mean you need to try the same method now. Do not rely on your experience, judge by intuition. Try new things, and creativity will definitely find a place in your life. Try to avoid repeating the previous or someone else’s success. This is a huge mistake. Get rid of the past.


  1. Another exciting way to find a connection with creativity is to close your eyes, turn on any music and start dancing. Don’t try to remember any movements. Trust yourself completely; no one sees you. Do everything the way your body feels. Move as the body demands.


  1. Enjoy the process of creating something. In order to enjoy, you first have to understand why you are doing this at all. Maybe you want to use the skill of creativity in your work or career, become a “creative” person, or help people with this. Understand your reason and start enjoying the process itself without trying to ask hundreds of questions: “Will I understand that this is creativity?”, “When will I become creative?”, “How long will creativity last?”



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