The Benefits of Good Tastes

May 19, 2023

Cassandra Di Lalla (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer

This is an exciting topic, because the possibilities are absolutely endless with food!

We all know that food is medicine, but why is cooking so beneficial? Why is cooking such a godsend?

Cooking is so creative, fun, versatile and fulfilling! I personally think that cooking is hospitality’s version of fine art, so I guess in that case, you can say I’m an artist! No Michelin star by any means, but you get the gist of it.

There are so many different ways of making your blank canvas (or, you know . . . your plate) “pop” by using spices, herbs, seasoning, marinades, etc . . . Oh, and there are so many different methods, too: stir fried/pan fried, grilled, sautéed, baked, roasted, etc . . . 

Cooking is universal, and food allows you to travel the world from the comfort of your own kitchen. The aromas and the flavours can take you miles! You can make food as simple or as fancy as you’d like and however mild or spicy you want — it’s whatever you and your taste buds are in the mood for. 

Coming down with a cold? Homemade chicken noodle soup. Want to indulge? Bake a batch of brownies. Fancy feasting? Surf and turf — steak and lobster. Light lunch? Salads of all kinds. 

Looking to try something new? Go for it! You can find recipes on forums, in groups, at the grocery store or online.

I love that there are foods used for specific ailments too! That means that, oftentimes, a simple ingredient can be used as an aid to treat or help to prevent you from feeling off. Here are some great examples:

– Ginger is not only fantastic in a variety of dishes from different cultures but it’s delicious and it’s also used to aid digestion, help with nausea, improve immunity and much more. It is also easy to find in grocery stores or at markets, and really doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

– Garlic is also used in countless dishes from around the world, but it’s also an amazing antioxidant, a detoxifier, an antimicrobial and much more. Garlic is also found in grocery stores or at markets, so it’s easy to pick some up and use for your next recipe. If you’re up for a challenge, try eating a raw clove of garlic, as opposed to roasting it. 

– Coconut oil is so versatile, and some recommend it as a fabulous heart healthy fat. It tastes divine, and it’s an antimicrobial as well. It’s something that can be used in sweet treats, savoury soups, fluffy omelettes, all kinds of comfort foods, etc . . .

When I cook, I feel happy. Why? Because I’m using fresh ingredients to create something healthy and delicious, but I also end up with a rewarding, filling and super satisfying meal. Cooking is the freedom to enjoy all of Mother Earth’s garden creations, and depending on your preferences or lifestyle and such, you can choose whether you want to have poultry, red meat, fish, tofu, beans or any other kind of protein added to your meal as well!

You want to visit Italy? Try making osso buco, which is a traditional Italian dish made of veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth. It is best when the meat is tender enough to fall off the bone. 

How about the Philippines? Try making a Filipino dish such as adobong manok, which is chicken marinated in a soy sauce and vinegar base with dried bay leaves, garlic and peppercorns. 

Have you ever thought of Greece? Try making avgolemono, which is lemon, rice and chicken soup. It has olive oil, vegetables, rice, chicken, eggs, dill, lemon juice and chicken broth. A hearty meal but also a comfort food for all.

Cooking is such a neat thing, because you can make whatever your heart desires, tweak the recipe the way you want or even just go with the flow and not use a recipe at all, and craft something entirely from scratch and entirely from your magical mind!

I can talk about food and cooking for hours on end, but as I am writing this blog, I am also noticing myself getting more and more distracted with the thought of all these amazing food combinations, so I think that is my cue to end . . . on a dry note . . . before I start salivating.

Bye for now, my foodies and cooking wizards!

Cassandra Di Lalla lives life purposefully. She enjoys reading, writing and mental health initiatives. She’s an animal lover for life and an innovative individual always finding new ways to create.

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  1. Love this article; o many interesting facts, and ideas. Just apply yourself, and yes you can complete that blank canvas…

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