Why Be Nice?

January 27, 2024

Arsh Gill, Low Entropy Volunteer Writer

After experiencing loss, hurt, defeat or an extreme number of hurdles, one might find themselves questioning why they should be nice at all. However, in a world that is full of these inevitable things, being kind-hearted, nice, supportive and encouraging is bound to make you stand out as a beacon of hope.

The power of kindness is immeasurable. When one is kind they light up any room they walk into, and they can be a saviour to others whom they didn’t even know needed saving. In taking this admirable approach, they can set an example for others and motivate them to be kind as well, in order to foster connectedness and togetherness in what seems to mostly be a divided world.

Being kind can get you further than you think in life. Being kind to others is the base of a strong foundation of conversation, friendships and relationships. It’ll help build trust, security, respect and deeper connections. Cultivating positive relationships in this way will help you understand yourself and others better, while enhancing your empathy and integrity. 

Moreover, you will also be able to problem-solve and resolve conflicts in a kind and peaceful manner, which will maintain and strengthen relationships. In a world that is plagued by cruelty and betrayal, you can be an example for individuals in promoting a better approach. With kindness at the centre of this approach, you can promote dialogue and be more understanding of the opposing opinions.

Lastly, I want to touch on how the most important type of kindness you can show is to yourself. Oftentimes I find myself being my harshest critic, regardless of the context. I blame myself for not feeling confident in my body, or doing poorly while at school or work. I am quick to tear myself apart and make myself feel guilty, yet it feels like climbing the highest mountain to find it in myself to be kind to myself. The best way you can become more confident is speaking to yourself in a confident, encouraging and kind manner. Go easy on yourself, look yourself in the mirror and be grateful for all you have accomplished, because you have gotten through challenges that may have seemed impossible at the time. If you need to, fake it till you make it! Say kind things to yourself and eventually you’ll truly start to appreciate and accept it. 

Overall, don’t make being kind a superficial act that you do just to impress others. Rather, realize and understand that being kind holds a great amount of power that can change your world and the world around you. Remember to treat people the way you want to be treated and set an example for those who admire and look up to you to follow and be inspired by. Being kind will benefit your personal growth and relationships, which will ultimately allow you to prosper and live your best life. 


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