The Story of My Life

January 20, 2023

MacKenzie Chalmers (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


Art and creativity are two words that hold a relationship with one another, but can be used individually. Art is visually creating a product that catches the attention of viewers through the design or the messages and emotions felt when observing. Audiences can be attracted to the colours used, the lack of colour, or the composition. Creativity is thought of as using ideas and imagination to form a complete product, solve a problem, create visual work or to help communicate a message to an audience. These two concepts work together when someone is creating a piece of art. Creative ideas are being used to visually produce art for an audience and to communicate a message. 

Art has transformed from being known as paintings in galleries or drawings on paper, to digital dance, musicals or theatre. A dance routine, a song, a play, or a photograph or video are art forms that visually create a message and design to audiences. People produce these types of art in ways to visually tell a story. 

I would always use the terms art and creative to describe myself growing up. I was known as the “art kid” or the “creative kid”. If we were doing a class assignment, I would always be picked to be the artist. My writing pieces would always be read aloud by my teachers to demonstrate the desired way to communicate a message they were looking for. 

Looking deeper, the terms art and creativity mean storytelling and expression for me. They are used to communicate a story to viewers. In my life, I have always used art and my creative thinking to tell a story. 

I am a photographer and videographer and my entire goal when producing new work is to tell a story. I enjoy creating work with the goal to bring forth a message to my audience. A photograph can be pretty, or glamourous. While I incorporate those factors into my photographs, I like to have other focused components. A simple portrait can show the exhaustion someone is facing. A nature shot can demonstrate the conditions of the environment surrounding us. A couple portrait can show the struggles being faced. It is about composition and emotion. I can show the happiness, or sadness felt. Creativity is being used to produce these art pieces and to best determine how to express the messages and stories to be told. 

Additionally, I am a writer. I create fictional stories that are based on real experiences. I base plot lines, and character traits on real life situations, while continuing to add ideas to keep the story interesting. I examine the theme of the story, the messages I want to bring forth within the plot and what I would want people to receive from the story once it was finished. By incorporating my own thoughts and emotions into my writing and into the plot and characters I create, I am sharing pieces of my story or the story I want to tell into my writing. 

Both of these terms are part of my identity. I do some form of art most days and I am using my creativity daily. Whether I am brainstorming for a new project, writing down my experiences and how I can incorporate them into my work, or mapping out locations and themes for a new art project, I am constantly being artistic and being creative. 


MacKenzie is a digital media enthusiast with interests in various aspects of media. She takes part in novel hunting, photo and video creating, and creative writing.

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