Six Uncomfortable Truths

June 17, 2022

Linda Ng (she/her/hers), Low Entropy Volunteer Writer


I offer my sincere apologies for sounding negative, but we will be addressing how uncomfortable some truths in life can be. It’s crucial to be aware of them. Then we can practice acceptance and be prepared for what life throws at us. 


  1. Everything Ends

Things in your life will end. The silver lining is that it applies to everything, good or bad. 


A treasured friendship with a gym buddy could come to an end one day. Or, to your delight, your miserable days at work may finally end when the boss you hate gets replaced. 


Acknowledge that everything ends to give yourself better mental preparation when it happens.


The key here is to savour the present moment. An easy way to do this is to meditate. It only takes a few minutes. It’s also free and easy to do.


  1. Aging Is Inevitable

Good skincare routines can slow down the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, but unless you find the fountain of youth, you will eventually deal with getting old. It will happen. It’s futile to fight against it.


Establish a good self-care routine to ease your body into your golden years. You can’t avoid aging, but you can facilitate an easier transition.


Since it will happen no matter what, embrace the process of gracefully aging and appreciate your growing wisdom. 


  1. Understand the Source of Happiness

No one is obligated to make you happy. Friends and family are there for you, but it is not their job to fuel your happiness. 


To sustain permanent happiness, look within yourself. It’s your responsibility.


  1. Life is not Fair

Hard-working people do fail at life. Undeserving people can also become successful and make a lot of money.


Practice radical acceptance, which is when you stop fighting reality. The solution is to break the cycle of bitterness and suffering. 


  1. You Will Fail

Life is full of failures. 


But with each failure, you move ahead with a lesson learned. It’s a valuable lesson that you keep for life. It paves the way for an improved future.


A failed job interview prepares you better for the next one. A slightly charred dish teaches you to turn down the heat next time. 


Learn and build upon your mistakes. The failures eventually turn to success. 


  1. You Will Be Hated

There will be haters. 


If you write an article on Medium, some people will leave a nice comment and a clap or two. There are kind people in this world. You might also get roasted for no reason, through no fault of your own.


You might rub someone the wrong way without even knowing. Maybe someone hates the way you walk or talk. 


As long as you can practice respect, there is nothing wrong with holding your perspective and being yourself. You can’t make haters unhate. Smile and go about your merry way. Leave them with their hate. 


Remember — sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. 



My name is Linda and I’m from Canada! When I’m not writing, I enjoy travelling, playing badminton and spending time with my pets. I have a strong passion for self-improvement and mental health topics. I’m hoping to share that with you here at Low Entropy!

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